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Eden Academy Trust

Eden Academy Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust consisting of primary schools in Hartlepool, England.

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Supporting SEN Pupils

How will you help me to support my child’s learning?

  • We believe in a fully inclusive approach to supporting pupils with additional needs and this means working in partnership with parents and carers to support in whatever way we can to enable each pupil to achieve their potential.
  • All teachers at Bluebell Meadow Primary have a responsibility for the teaching, monitoring and evaluation for pupils with Special Educational Needs.
  • We follow a graduated response to need from initial conversations with the class teacher, targeted class support to more specific personalised support. This is always through discussion with parents/carers initially informally or through parent meetings and or reviews as part of our SEND arrangements in school for example: individual review meetings; multi-agency meetings; parent support linked with the Family Support Officer (FSO); parent workshops; or home-school liaison books. Through termly parent workshops parents are welcomed into school to share key areas of learning and to gain an insight into how your child learns.
  • We also successfully support parents through bespoke workshops/ groups to increase awareness and develop skills and indeed understand behaviours and relationships.

What support will there be for my child’s overall well-being?

  • Children with SEND are inclusively taught within an age appropriate class with their peers most of the time.
  • We have 2 support classes across school: class 6 (Year 3/4) and class 9 (Year 5/6).

              Teaching and resources are differentiated within the classroom to ensure children are able to achieve objectives.

  • If additional support is identified as necessary, children take part in planned, evidence-based intervention and are provided at a time to suit need. Support is personalised and targeted. Adults working with pupils communicate regularly to ensure a consistent approach to teaching and learning and also support children’s independence.
  • Any parents of pupils who may have a medical need will work alongside the class teacher, SENDCO and Family Support Officer (Mrs Cumming) to ensure their child’s needs are met and are in accordance with the school Medications Policy. Health Care Plans are developed with parents and medical professionals as required.
  • We have a well developed Behaviour Policy linked to our Golden Time sessions which promotes positive behaviour strategies. Our Policy reflects all current guidance and has a relationship based foundation. We see behaviour as a means of communication/ unmet needs and seek always to understand behaviours and access appropriate support.
  • Our Family Support Officer is Mrs Cumming. She supports parents in ensuring our pupils maintain good attendance and punctuality as well as supporting parents, individual pupils and groups.
  • Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Cumming.

What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by the school?

  • Mrs Henry holds a Postgraduate Certificate in the National Award for Special Educational Needs and a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia)
  • Mrs Henry is a Specialist Leader in Education (Special Educational Needs)
  • Mrs Allison is working to achieve a Postgraduate Certificate in the National Award for Special Educational Needs.
  • Teaching staff and teaching assistants are highly experienced in supporting children with SEND and have undertaken training in a wide spectrum of needs.
  • We have staff trained to run our nurture provision

      Staff trained to support visually impaired pupils

      TA trained in PECS

     Enhanced TAs support Speech and Language

     Specific targeted interventions

  • We have excellent relationships with external agencies and work closely with the local authority SEND team, Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapist (SALT), Occupational Therapist (OT), Social care, CAMHS and the visually and hearing impaired service. We collaborate closely with our partners to ensure Bluebell Meadow Primary School deliver quality interventions that have a positive impact on learning.
  • Bluebell Meadow Primary School buys enhanced provision (extra time) from the Speech Therapy Service and the Education Psychology Team. We also receive COL credits which we use to buy in additional support as needed for identified children from services such as the cognition and learning team, Autistic spectrum communication tea, social communication assessment team, movement team and many more.

What training are the staff supporting children and young people with SEND had or are having?

  • Additional training for staff is secured where necessary; this may be delivered in school by the SENDCo or by external training sources such as education psychologists or other key professionals.
  • The SENDCO can provide or facilitate training for staff following GTP programmes or NQT or ongoing training for school staff as School based CPD.
  • School has access to a range of services for advice where necessary. This includes the school nurse, Educational Psychologist, Occupational Therapy, Speech therapy, social care and CAMHS.

How will I be involved in discussions about and planning for my child’s education?

 Meetings are held termly to discuss a child’s progress. Specific targets will be set and reviewed at this meeting and parental views and those of your child, will together form the support plan.